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Help A Mate

Donate to the Steve Almond appeal

Steve photo 1

Steve Almond toured with “The Boys” for most of the 1980′s and part of the 1990′s as our roadie and foldback mixing engineer. He also roadied for the Rob Pippan band in Adelaide and became a competent and reliable stage manager.

Steve travelled to England briefly and married Marie whilst overseas then returned to Australia to set up home. They bought a house in Adelaide’s near country to facilitate Marie’s love of dog breeding and showing.

Steve started to appear with the band again but was struck down with a brain tumour before any longstanding arrangement was made. Unfortunately the resulting operation was unable to remove all traces of the tumour.  Whilst the prognosis is not good, Steve is pinning his hopes on sessions of aggressive chemotherapy to turn that prognosis around.

The bills are obviously mounting up as Marie has been advised that she needs to be with Steve 24/7 (he has already had episodes where he had to be rushed back to hospital due to soaring temperatures and uncontrollable shaking) so she is unable to work. At this stage they may be forced to sell their home as they were unable to make the monthly mortgage payments and regular utility bills.

This seems unnecessarily cruel on the back of Steve’s illness, so a number of bands have decided to hold a benefit concert to raise enough money to at least keep them in their house until Christmas when they can make decisions about their future without the pressure of the medical crisis they are going through. This event will take place at The Governor Port Road, Hindmarsh, Adelaide on Wednesday 16th August from 7.30pm to 11.20 pm.

We are also running an online fundraising appeal to provide support to Steve’s family.

You can donate HERE and you will receive a tax deductible receipt by return email. 

Help A Mate

The Buster Stiggs appeal- The End Of The Line

hero_thumb_s22 swingers back cover ctb


After a two year battle with multi myeloma, Buster went into remission. However he was then diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys and has been doing lengthy dialysis three times a week since. Buster told us that ” A year ago I started to struggle, All was well with the dialysis side of things, but after the Big C and Chemo, my immune system was shot to bits. I got through 3 bouts of pneumonia, one with septic arthritis. I should have felt well but I didn’t. After chest Xrays and ultra sound scans we saw my heart was in a really bad way and needed emergency repair.”

The diagnosis from the heart surgeons was that my heart is inoperable, only 1 of my 4 ventricles is working.The other 3 are already dead and I would be very lucky if my heart lasted a year and that was nearly a month ago. I have left hospital. Not for home but to a palliative care hospice to get me as comfortable as possible and try and get me stronger so I am able to go home. My condition is stable which is a polite way of saying I am not getting any better. 

When I first got sick with pneumonia and septic arthritis then cancer I had to stop work. Thanks to the support of Support Act and others including Neil & Sharon Finn and Mushroom Publishing I have been scraping through financially. 
I will try anything if it may prolong my life. I would also like to have my only child Ash aged 15 eventually go to WAAPA as he has done out of school drama for 4 years and has just signed up to a professional acting school this term. On stage he really shines. I so much want him to see him follow his dreams but alas I apparently won’t be around for it.
I must hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  So send me good vibes and love and if you can a small donation to make my last remaining days a little more joyful than they would be without your generosity and compassion. Thank you a million times.
Bless you, Peace and Love
Buster Stiggs

Help A Mate

The Stuart 'Chet' Fraser appeal

Fraser Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.15.55 am

Donate to the Stuart ‘Chet’ Fraser appeal

Stuart (Chet) Fraser has been a professional guitarist since the age of 15. He has recorded and toured with some of Australia’s best and most loved musicians. He formed Noiseworks with Jon Stevens in 1982 and in 1992 went on to perform with the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar to over a million people.

Chet was then asked to join the John Farnham Band and has been an intrinsic member of the band ever since. He was the first Australian guitarist to be endorsed by Gibson. He has been a member of the Dancing with the Stars band and has recorded with the likes of Tom Jones and Stevie Nicks. 

Sadly Chet has been diagnosed with lung cancer and we are running a fundraising appeal to provide support to his family. Thank you for any support you are able to provide. 

Help A Mate:

The Ollie Bailey appeal


Donate to the Ollie Bailey appeal

Support Act is facilitating the Ollie Bailey Appeal to help Josie Bailey and her young son Ollie who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Ollie is the son of Chris Bailey, who passed away in 2013. If you would like to read more about The Bailey family, please take a moment to read a message here from Caitilin, Jo’s sister and Ollie’s aunty, which explains the situation and why the appeal is taking place.

If you would like to support the Ollie Bailey Appeal, simply click the image of Ollie or the link below. You will be issued with an instant tax deductible receipt for any gift over $2. You can also share this link to friends and family who may wish to support Jo & Ollie during his treatment.

Thank you if you are able to support the Bailey family during this time. Thank you for your support.

Help A Mate:

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Neill Duncan is a saxophone player who lost his arm due to cancer. Hear his incredible story now.


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January 25


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September 20


Daisy's South Australian Debonairs

If you are in Adelaide, come along to the monthly gathering of Daisy’s Debs. This is typically held on the third Wednesday of the month and each time sees a fantastic guest speaker and entertainment. Held 12 noon for a 12.30pm start @ the Norwood Function Centre, corner Osmond Terrace & the Parade. All welcome.
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