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Meet some of the people we have helped Support Act has been given permission to share these stories from some of the incredible people whom we have been privileged to assist.

Neill Duncan is a saxophonist who lost his arm due to cancer. This is his story.

Neill is a professional saxophonist. In late 2012 Neill lost his left arm to sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, leaving him unable to continue as a professional saxophone player. A close friend of Neill’s, refusing to give up on his friend and colleague, found a specialist overseas who builds instruments from scratch, in this case a one handed sax. Support Act contacted Neill to see how we could help and paid for the new saxophone.

"That's amazing. Finding out what life's really about. The beauty of really appreciating what I've had, what I've got and the amazing support that I've had from Support Act."

Who We Are

The heart and hand
of australian music

Support Act is a charity, unique in Australia, helping artists and music workers who are facing hardship due to illness, injury or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music.
We have helped in so many different ways since we were founded in 1997. We've paid the rent, kept the power on, repaired instruments, provided petrol, bought school uniforms, helped rehouse a prized vinyl collection, replaced a rotten bed and kept a dog in biscuits. We've brought comfort and dignity to many people in the final stages of life. We've helped get artists and music workers back on their feet when they have hit a tough patch and just need a breathing space.
Support Act was founded in 1997...
Support Act has been helped and supported by many individuals and organisations over the years. We continue to receive support from our founding members APRA, AMCOS, ARIA and PPCA.
We have to fundraise every dollar we need.
Support Act receives no government funding and must fundraise every dollar we need to provide our services
We are busier than ever
On average we receive a new enquiry every day and a new application every week.
We are national
Support Act employs a small team of dedicated staff, all of whom are part time. We are supported by a large team of volunteers which enables us to deliver a nationwide service whilst keeping our operating costs low
Our Vision

The heart and hand of Australian music
Our Vision

We are service driven. We act with dignity and integrity. We care for our community. We foster positive relationships. We believe in continual improvement.
Our Vision

We will always deliver help without judgement and with compassion, working to the highest possible professional standards. We will embrace and drive change, be nimble in our approach and we will surpass expectations.

Our People


We are supported in our work by a large team of volunteers working across the country which enables us to deliver a nationwide service whilst keeping our costs very low. Support Act is very grateful to all the people who volunteer on our behalf.
Support Act Adelaide
South Australia
Gary Burrows - Chair
Support Act Perth
Western Australia
Clyde Bevan- Chair