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Why does a charity such as Support Act exist? The painful reality is that a career in music is very risky.


The creative rewards may be high, but income, for most, is not: with 80% of Australian musicians earning less than the minimum wage, saving for a rainy day is out of the question and making provision for ill health or old age is impossible.  


Support Act uniquely understands this.

We know what it means to work in music and what kind of help people need to get back to it.

We are very proud of our success rate: last year, 69% of our service users returned to working in music.  


Jo Bailey O’Reilly’s husband Chris Bailey of The Angels, died of cancer in 2013. In a horrible coincidence, Jo had to contend with another devastating family crisis when their only child Ollie was diagnosed with cancer only two years later. It is difficult to imagine dealing with not one, but two such crises. Support Act helped the family both times.  


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As Jo explains, “Until I had a child that was so unwell, I hadn’t realised that in Australia when a kid is diagnosed with cancer the parent is literally bedside 24/7…. I could not have managed, I don’t think, without the help of Support Act. “  


If you would like to hear Jo’s story, and the stories of others we have helped recently, click here or on the image above.  


Please support our tax time appeal. We are a small organisation but our impact is huge.


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