AusmusicTshirtday 2018: resources and fun stuff!

Thank you for creating your AusmusicTShirt Day team page. Here are some fun ways to engage office staff in other activities on or around Friday 16 November:

Lunchtime Music Trivia: create teams and see who can answer the most questions correctly. Award prizes for the winners. You can download the trivia questions and answers below

“Who Am I” Muso guessing game: similar to the above, we have developed 10 questions about 10 artists. You could play this around the lunch room table. The person who guesses the most names correctly wins! You can download these questions and answers below.

Best T-Shirt Backstory competition: invite colleagues to write a blog on your fundraising page telling their colleagues why they have chosen to wear their t-shirt. Consider offering a small prize as an incentive for the best story. Or the best photo!

Hold a Karaoke night with prizes for the best singers.

Celebrate the musicians in your teams by having a band night (or acoustic lunchtime performance) with prizes for the best performance.

We’ve even created an #ausmusicTshirtday poster for you to display at work or school!

Tell us your ideas. If you have suggestions of more ways to make AusmusicTShirt Day a success in your workplace, please share them with us and we can add to this list.

Trivia Questions & Answers:

Part 1 Q1-50


Trivia Questions & Answers: Part 2 Q51-100


Who Am I? Muso guessing game