The End of the Line –

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After a two year battle with multi myeloma, Buster went into remission. However he was then diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys and has been doing lengthy dialysis three times a week since. Buster told us that ” A year ago I started to struggle, All was well with the dialysis side of things, but after the Big C and Chemo, my immune system was shot to bits. I got through 3 bouts of pneumonia, one with septic arthritis. I should have felt well but I didn’t. After chest Xrays and ultra sound scans we saw my heart was in a really bad way and needed emergency repair.”
The diagnosis from the heart surgeons was that my heart is inoperable, only 1 of my 4 ventricles is working.The other 3 are already dead and I would be very lucky if my heart lasted a year and that was nearly a month ago. I have left hospital. Not for home but to a palliative care hospice to get me as comfortable as possible and try and get me stronger so I am able to go home. My condition is stable which is a polite way of saying I am not getting any better.
When I first got sick with pneumonia and septic arthritis then cancer I had to stop work. Thanks to the support of Support Act and others including Neil & Sharon Finn and Mushroom Publishing I have been scraping through financially.

I will try anything if it may prolong my life. I would also like to have my only child Ash aged 15 eventually go to WAAPA as he has done out of school drama for 4 years and has just signed up to a professional acting school this term. On stage he really shines. I so much want him to see him follow his dreams but alas I apparently won’t be around for it.

I must hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  So send me good vibes and love and if you can a small donation to make my last remaining days a little more joyful than they would be without your generosity and compassion. Thank you a million times.

Bless you, Peace and Love
Buster Stiggs

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