Please donate to our End Of Financial Year Appeal so that Support Act can continue to support to those in need!

The past 12 months have been extremely tough for people working in the music industry, but thanks to the financial support we have received from the Australian Government, the Australian music industry and music lovers from around the country (and even the world!), we have been able to provide millions of dollars worth of crisis relief to over 3,000 artists, artist managers, crew and music workers who have lost their income, their businesses and their careers due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, we have provided a sympathetic ear for countless music and arts workers who just needed someone to talk about their situation, while receiving professional advice on how to deal with everything from anxiety and depression to career concerns, loneliness, grief counselling, relationship issues and more.

We’ve provided practical support through our Mental Health First Aid Training programs for hundreds of artists, artists managers, crew and music workers, as well as evidence-based/industry-specific education and training for thousands more through our workshops On My Mind, Press Play, Plug In and Money Money Money. Our Workplace Wellness CheckIn program has already seen 20 organisations take up the challenge with many more due to take part.

One of our service users shared their story this week: Not to get too poetic or philosophical, but I just want to point out that Support Act has allowed me to flip the lever this week from doing sums for bus money and being stuck in the vicious cycle of late fees, to this week having the confidence in my ability to pay what I need to and get around.

“I can get my stuff back out of storage. There’ll be a painting I last put a stroke on maybe 10 months ago. A hard drive with half-finished songs. Most of my clothes, linen, bedding, kitchen stuff. My tools. My projects. A sense of completion and unity I guess.

“This is a big thing for my psyche and I want to express how I credit Support Act for making it mathematically possible by taking care of the basics so that getting a couple of weeks work in can move mountains of debt and backlog. There will be thousands of those Support Act has helped who feel like me but don’t choose to express it. So, high fives and all that!”

But we still have so much to do to support those who are struggling financially and mentally as the industry slowly returns to its new normal and our music workers start to rebuild their careers and their dreams. 

Will you help to ensure that Support Act can continue to play a vital role in building mental health and resilience in our industry throughout the recovery period and beyond, to ensure we are always there to provide crisis relief to those in need?

Please consider a one off or recurring monthly/annual donation to Support Act on or before 30 June. 

You can make your online donation here or contact us if you would like information about how to donate via EFT.

Thank you in advance for your love of music and all the people who create it.