12.45pm - 12.45pm Fri 12 Nov 2021
Activism, Courage and Making a Difference



On My Mind is a monthly event exploring mental health and wellbeing for those who are doing life in the music industry. Attendees are invited into candid conversations surrounding important and provocative topics that impact the way we live, work and thrive. Previous topics have included; managing anxiety & depression, the importance of self-care, conflict resolution, perfectionism and motivation.

On November 12, Support Act is running the next instalment of On My Mind – ‘Activism, Courage and Making a Difference’. A soon to be announced industry panel will explore the importance of living by our values, feeling empowered and finding and creating spaces where we can speak up and make a difference.

In this discussion our panellists will cover:

  • Values, and how they can be a compass for us to speak up and take action.
  • How to make positive changes within the music industry (and the world at large).
  • The power of speaking your truth.
  • The importance of advocating for diversity and inclusion.
  • Any questions that you can submit to our panellists.

The music industry isn’t exactly the poster child for mental wellbeing – and until we confront what’s holding us back, our community will continue to pay the price. We want to help folks in the music community better understand the importance of mental health as well as reduce stigma and encourage open up important chats about stuff that impacts wellbeing, creativity & vitality.