Join us as we reconnect with creativity and approach making music in new ways through Support Act x WAMCon’s immersive, one-day intensive creativity workshop, Creative Minds.

For this session, you’ll be joined by Support Act’s in-house psychologist and creativity expert Ash King alongside co-facilitators Grace Newton-Wordsworth & Aaron Birch from Joan & The Giants. They’ll work through an interactive workshop exploring how you can nurture conditions for a sustainable creative practice. Through interactive group activities and self-reflection prompts, you will explore the importance of play, environment, mindfulness and downtime, and learn how these conditions can serve to enhance your creative thinking and productivity.

What to expect

⮕ The myths and perils of creativity, tackling destructive and restrictive ideas related to what it means to “be creative”.
⮕ Goal-setting strategies, to help you set healthy and purposeful goals (using evidence-based techniques including mental contrasting and intention implementation).
⮕ Values and the importance of “defining your why” when it comes to creative pursuits.

⮕ How to nurture conditions for creativity, including the importance of play, environment, flow-states, mindfulness and downtime.
⮕ Defining what your individual responsibility is when witness to sexual harassment, sexual assault and bullying
⮕ Creative tools and techniques to help participants operate in the system of creativity, and explore the four laws of creative success.