12.45pm - 2.15pm Thu 29 Sep 2022
On My Mind – Managing Depression


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Are you (or is someone you’re close to) feeling down? Feeling isolated? Is your motivation down the gurgler and you’re just not enjoying stuff the way you once did?

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions around, and if you’re working in the music industry, it’s even more common. So what is it exactly? And what is it’s connection to suicide?

Join us in person at the Music Market or online on Thursday 29 September at 12.45pm (AEST) for our next On My Mind – Managing Depression & How to Talk About Suicide.

This session will smash the stigma and invite a frank and open conversation around the prevalance of depression and suicide within the music community. You’ll hear from folks in the industry who have experienced the impact of depression and suicide first-hand and we’ll explore some ways we can better support ourselves and our music mates when the black dog comes sniffin’.

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