12.45pm - 12.45pm Fri 9 Jul 2021
‘Perfectionism: Why your quest for perfection is holding you back


Support Act proudly presents: ‘Perfectionism: A Pain in the Ass’: Why your quest for perfection is holding you back – an ON MY MIND workshop

Nobody’s perfect – except you should be, right? This workshop shows how perfectionism is a corrosive force to our self-worth and creative energy, and how you can tackle this mindset to move forward towards your goals.

ON MY MIND is a free online workshop series presented with support from the Australian Government through the Office for the Arts and American Express, exploring the ins and outs of mental health and wellbeing for musicians, crew and music workers in the Australian music industry.

On My Mind is presented by psych researcher and provisional psychologist Ash King, with each session guiding attendees through interactive activities and evidence-based strategies to help you deal with your mind, emotions and behaviour.