12.45pm - 1.45pm Fri 13 Aug 2021
Why Can’t Everyone Get Along? Relationships and Conflict Resolution



On My Mind is a monthly event exploring mental health and wellbeing for those who are doing life in the music industry. Attendees are invited into candid conversations surrounding important and provocative topics that impact the way we live, work and thrive. Previous topics have included; managing anxiety & depression, the importance of self-care, conflict resolution, creativity and motivation.

On August 13, Support Act is running the next instalment of On My Mind – ‘Why Can’t Everyone Get Along?: Managing Relationships & Conflict Resolution’. A soon to be announced industry panel will explore the importance of connection, the difficulties of getting along with (some) people and how we can better manage our relationships.

In this discussion our panelists will cover:

  • Why we are wired for connection and the importance of relationships on our wellbeing .
  • How relationships can test us and what we can do to keep our head.
  • The importance of mindful listening and assertive communication.
  • How to navigate conflict when the stakes are high.
  • Any questions that you can submit to our panellists.

The music industry can be a challenging place to work. Support Act aims to support the music community to better understand the importance of mental health, reduce stigma and promote the importance of positive health and wellbeing.