I meet your criteria but I hate the idea of asking for charity.

We understand. Whilst Support Act is a charity, we prefer to think of any financial help we are able to give as a grant, awarded in acknowledgement of your contribution to Australian music. You can expect to be treated in a dignified and respectful way, by knowledgeable well-trained staff. We will always respect your privacy.

I have worked professionally in the music industry but I can’t get work and have no money. Can you help?

Whilst we understand that obtaining work can be an ongoing challenge for artists, roadies and music workers, our aim is to help people who are facing hardship due to illness, injury or some other crisis. We have extended these criteria to include financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My partner worked professionally in the music industry before s/he died leaving me as a single parent. Can you help?

Yes. We will consider applications from dependents and prioritise assisting with expenses related to the care of children.

My expenses are higher than my income but I do have some savings. Can I apply?

If you have financial resources besides income available to you,  we would not normally give a grant.  But if using your savings leaves you with a shortfall, we will consider your application.

My friend has worked professionally in the music industry for many years. They have a drink problem and can no longer work but feel too embarrassed to apply for help.

We understand. We make no judgements about people’s circumstances and all applications are treated confidentially. Please encourage your friend to apply.

I worked professionally in the music industry for over 40 years before retiring. I own my house but do not have sufficient money to pay for a specially adapted bed which my doctor says I need since developing arthritis. Can I apply?

Yes. Owning your home does not disqualify you. But we will ask you to state the approximate value of your home. In those rare cases where an applicant owns valuable secondary assets such as a second home we will be unable to help.

I am an artist / roadie / music worker who has stopped working due to illness. Can I apply for financial relief?

Yes. But please bear in mind that to qualify for financial relief, your household expenses must exceed your household income. This might not be the case if you have an employer paying sickness benefit.

I have been on your website and realise I know some of your board directors. How can I be certain they won’t know I have applied for help?

We understand that the music industry can feel like a small world. Support Act abides by state and federal privacy laws and all of our staff are bound by a confidentiality agreement. This means that the information you provide will be treated confidentially at all times. No personal details of your application are disclosed to our board of directors.

From time to time volunteers may also be engaged to assist us, under the direction of Support Act staff. To avoid doubt all staff and volunteers are required to handle personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Can you assist with funeral expenses?

Yes, we are able to contribute towards the cost of funerals to a maximum of $5k.

Why do you ask me to provide the names and contact details of two referees?

When you apply, we may contact your referees to verify that you have worked professionally in music. We will not disclose any details of your application to your referees.

Do I have to be Australian?

To qualify for our help you need to be a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia; or have a valid working visa and be paying tax in Australia.

I have received help from Support Act in the past but need help again. Can I reapply?

Yes, provided it is more than 12 months since your last application. But we ask you to bear in mind that because our resources are limited we prioritise new applications. (Please note that in some circumstances, such as COVID, we may invite reapplications after 6 months, if funding permits).

I have only been working in music for two years but I have stopped working because of illness. Can I apply for help?

Unfortunately not. Our priority is help those who have worked in the music industry for three years or longer. If we are unable to offer financial relief, you may still qualify for advice and practical assistance.

I owe a friend some money. Can you help?

Unfortunately not. When we offer financial relief, we will pay bills and debts directly to the creditors concerned. We cannot make the payment to you, or to another person.

I have been an artist / roadie / music worker all my life but I also drive a van to help ends meet. I’m off work now due to an accident. Can I apply?

Yes. We recognise that many artists, roadies and music workers need to take survival jobs to supplement their income from music. Provided your household income – including money earned from a survival job – is lower than your household expenses, we can help.

I am a student but I also play in a band. I don’t have any money. Can you help?

No. Whilst we understand that many people start out in music whilst studying, our aim is to help artists, roadies and music workers who are facing hardship due to illness, injury or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work.

Can you give me advice about how to make a living from music?

Unfortunately not. But our website is regularly updated with the details of organisations that can.

Am I required to re-pay financial relief I receive when I return to work?

No. All our grants are awarded on the basis that they do not need to re-paid. However, we do require you to inform us if your circumstances change during the application process.

Do I need to be a Support Act member to apply?