Life is tough right now. The cost of living crisis is impacting us all financially and mentally, but for some of those who bring the music we love into our lives, it’s really biting. 

We’ve provided over 500 hours of counselling through our Wellbeing Helpline this year alone, many for people who are battling issues like financial insecurity, rising costs of performing and declining mental health.

If you can, please donate today and help us support those working in the industry we all love.

Drummer and artist, Dan Steinert, is one person who has benefited from our programs and explains how tough life is right now:

Money is the main issue at the minute. The cost of living has gone up and touring has gotten more expensive, but show fees haven’t gone up. There’s general instability in the live music scene and ticket sales are hard.

Burn out has been one of the hardest things I’ve been facing. I need more money, so I’ve gotta work, and then I’ll work myself to the bone.” 

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we’ve been able to work with Dan and many others to provide counselling support through the Wellbeing Helpline for issues ranging from anxiety and depression to financial management.

We’ve also delivered over 80 hours of essential mental health and wellbeing training through our Mental Health First Aid training and our innovative creativity workshop, Creative Minds.

“It was really cool being involved (in Creative Minds) because I felt I learnt a lot about myself. Being in a room with so many other people and learning what other people struggle with…helps you take a breath and…know that you’re not alone,” adds Dan.

“Also, having a counsellor available (through the Helpline) is sick. Just booking a psych appointment is so hard these days…and having someone that genuinely cares is so nice, especially having it in such an accessible little spot.”

A donation of $100 can help us continue our life-saving work by providing access to free phone counselling for anyone who works professionally in music or the arts who is struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

If you can, please consider making a one-off or recurring donation on or before 30 June so we can help keep the music playing.


Pictured: Dan Steinert