Glen Hannah Appeal

On May 27th, 2019 the Australian music community lost a great man, Glen Hannah. Glen’s extraordinary gifts were exceptional to behold. His brilliance in the music world shone through his entire being and were not only manifested through his fingers as a guitarist and his creative eye to detail in design and photography.  He was renowned for his fathomless music sensibility, understanding and patience as a producer, and his innate ability to foster musicianship and integrity amongst whomever had the fortune to be near him. So much so that his tragic loss has reverberated throughout the whole industry.

His devoted wife Felicity Urquhart and their two beautiful girls, Tia and Ellie, are left with the hardship of losing this kind, loving, fun and generous man, who saw the world through a lens of kindness, always finding the good in people.  He understood so much more than the subtleties of music, he was always going the extra mile for others and now I would ask you to do the same for his family.

Glen’s inspiration has left its mark, and we have had many friends reaching out wanting to give back in some way for his legacy. This is one way.

Lyn Bowtell.


If you are donating from overseas, you may want to do a bank transfer:

Account name:    Support Act Ltd

Bank:                   Commonwealth

BSB:                     062020

Account #:           10092194

SWIFT code:        CTBAAU2S

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