Greg Weaver Appeal

6th May, 2019

“Yesterday we lost one of the finest people I know. Greg Weaver was family to us. I think he worked with every act we manage or have managed over the last 20 years. We had artists who ‘didn’t need a tour manager’, who after one show with Greg, wouldn’t work without him. He was so calm – nobody ever saw him stressed. He was the ultimate ‘slashie’ – Tour Manager / Front Of House / Production Manager. And he was world class at all three. He made every artist he worked with feel absolutely comfortable and cared for, and kept the stress of touring away from them.

He mentored so many young crew and took chances on them. I don’t think you’d find a crew person in Australia who didn’t look up to him and consider him both a mentor and a hero.

He was devoted to Cath and Jack. Jack has had some tough times, and as parents, Greg and Cath have been amazing. Greg and Jack were so close. Jack idolised him, and he idolised Jack.

School hasn’t been easy for Jack, so Cath has stayed at home the last few years home schooling him. It’s not going to be easy for the next couple of years. They’re going to need our help.  So please, kick in what you can.”

Bill Cullen – One Louder Management