In Loving memory of Amy Longhurst

Amy Longhurst passed away at home on the evening of Sunday 24 March 2019.

Her deeply loved daughters Veronica and Rosie, their father Sam, family and friends are grieving and missing her enormously as they try to come to terms with this sudden loss.

Amy had a profound effect on people as a much-admired acting and voice over teacher, a brilliant singer and actress, and a loving mother and friend.

Due to this unexpected and incomprehensible loss, Sam and the girls are unprepared for what might lie ahead. There are an overwhelming number of good people who want to help so we thought we would set up this platform to provide an avenue to do so.

Funds raised through Support Act will make their way to Sam as a tax free donation in order to assist him in continuing to provide for the girls and manage their care alongside his freelance career as a musician and teacher. Your donation is tax deductible and is so greatly appreciated at this difficult time.