On 24 January 2017 drummer Glenn Kingsley Mortimer was struck by a car while walking along a footpath. He sustained numerous injuries that have kept him out of work since the accident. The doctors saved his leg, operating three times on a bimalleolar fracture that shattered his bones. The road to recovery has been long and winding. Although his leg has been saved, after 3 months in bed and 9 months in a wheel chair, he has had to learn to walk again, doing physiotherapy daily to rebuild his muscles from atrophy. He recently had surgery again early 2019.

All this has left Kingsley financially vulnerable. With medical bills and a mortgage, Kingsley recently moved out of his home and into a small bedsitter to budget frugally. The bedsitter is not suitable to teach music but he says the cost of living is much more manageable. Kingsley is finally back on his feet but he needs your help to get “back on his feet” financially.

Through all this Kingsley is grateful for his music. He contemplates: “Three months after the accident, frustrated and depressed, I dragged myself out of bed and started playing piano and singing as therapy to get me through the painful and challenging recovery. I don’t think I would have made it without my music”

Kingsley plans to use the financial support to pay bills and get more physiotherapy. He hopes to use some funds to move to a bigger apartment where he can continue teaching music and also collaborate with a well known music producer to develop a specialty show as he returns to work.