Donate to the Simon Holmes Family appeal

Simon Holmes was the guitarist and main songwriter of revered Sydney outfit The Hummingbirds. To the devastation of family, friends and music fans in Australia and beyond, Simon passed away in mid-July. Simon leaves behind his partner their daughter and an older son. This appeal is to raise money for them.

The Hummingbirds were the darlings of Sydney’s inner city music scene releasing 4 singles on the Phantom label in the late 1980s. With little promotion these singles received widespread airplay and the band was courted by the commercial music industry. They were one of the first bands to sell-in to the mainstream in 1989 with a hit single Blush. They released two studio albums, ‘loveBUZZ’ and ‘Va Va Voom’ plus a bunch of EPs. They toured extensively in Australia, Europe and America and following a fallout with the record company they disbanded in 1993. Simon went on to pursue a solo career with Fragile, was a member of The Aerial Maps and produced songs for artists such as The Fauves, Custard, Her Name in Lights and ColorSound (amongst others). Simon was a mentor to many in the Australian rock scene. He was a intellectual and conversation with him held gravity and insight on many erudite topics. This was evident on his 2SER radio show ‘Spin The Black Circle’ (which he co-presented with his son) where he would navigate through the realm of popular music and beyond.

The Hummingbirds gave in to requests to reunite in 2011 for a set at the Big Day Out, a live radio concert and a couple of other shows. Eighteen months ago the band decided to reunite simply to write and rehearse new songs and to again play sell-out shows for the simple joy of it all.

Simon is greatly missed by all those who knew him and those with a heartfelt connection with his music. This was evident in the widespread outpouring of emotion on social media that ensued following his passing. He was just 54 and there are simply no words to do him justice.

A benefit concert has been organised for Simon to raise money for his family, to be held at the Factory theatre on 3rd December 2017. This ‘help a mate’ fundraiser has additionally been setup so those who may not be able to attend the benefit concert can still help his family get through this challenging time.

Thank you for any support you are able to provide.

All donations over $2 will receive a tax deductible receipt by return.