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Steve Almond toured with “The Boys” for most of the 1980′s and part of the 1990′s as our roadie and foldback mixing engineer. He also roadied for the Rob Pippan band in Adelaide and became a competent and reliable stage manager.

Steve travelled to England briefly and married Marie whilst overseas then returned to Australia to set up home. They bought a house in Adelaide’s near country to facilitate Marie’s love of dog breeding and showing.

Steve started to appear with the band again but was struck down with a brain tumour before any longstanding arrangement was made. Unfortunately the resulting operation was unable to remove all traces of the tumour. Whilst the prognosis is not good, Steve is pinning his hopes on sessions of aggressive chemotherapy to turn that prognosis around.

The bills are obviously mounting up as Marie has been advised that she needs to be with Steve 24/7 (he has already had episodes where he had to be rushed back to hospital due to soaring temperatures and uncontrollable shaking) so she is unable to work. At this stage they may be forced to sell their home as they were unable to make the monthly mortgage payments and regular utility bills.

This seems unnecessarily cruel on the back of Steve’s illness, so a number of bands have decided to hold a benefit concert to raise enough money to at least keep them in their house until Christmas when they can make decisions about their future without the pressure of the medical crisis they are going through. This event will take place at The Governor Port Road, Hindmarsh, Adelaide on Wednesday 16th August from 7.30pm to 11.20 pm.

We are also running an online fundraising appeal to provide support to Steve’s family.

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