Brad Wenham is a pillar of the Sunshine Coast music community and has been an inspiration to many throughout his life. Now, after the sudden tragic loss of his eldest daughter Jasmin, Brad needs our help to get him through this difficult time.

It had already been a tough year for Brad. Going through a divorce and shared custody of his two youngest children and then shortly after that, losing his father had left him struggling but he soldiered on, always with a smile and a positive attitude. Then, with the unexpected and tragic loss of his eldest daughter, Brad had to scale back his work to deal with a family crisis that no one should ever have to experience. As a self-employed musician and graphic designer, Brad has had to work hard to maintain his single parent household and provide stability for his two young kids, Lily and Archie. Now, after scaling back his work for just a short time, Brad has been left in a dire financial situation. The relentless bills and high cost of living on the Sunshine Coast have left him on the verge of losing his home.

Anyone who knows Brad, knows he would drop everything and do anything and to help a mate, now he needs our support. Let’s pull together and give him a hand through this tough time.

– Paddy Kiernan