Danny Simcic was diagnosed with stage 3 Bowel Cancer in 2018 and under-went a total colectomy and has endured a very challenging journey since. Numerous surgeries later, chemotherapy, dealing with an ileostomy bag (which was thankfully reversed just 8 weeks ago), along with other health issues along the way and lengthy hospital stays, has meant that life has been overwhelming to say the least for the past 12 months.

Due to Danny’s fragile health, he has not been able to earn an income since his first operation and unfortunately is still not able to work into the near future, as he will need rehabilitation and ongoing treatment. Without being able to work he is struggling to pay his living and medical expenses, which is overwhelming to say the least.

Danny is the former drummer of 80’s band Real Life (“Send Me An Angel”), and in recent years has recorded and produced many artists. He has had to reluctantly give up his recording studio for now, but is hoping to set it up again once well enough, as well as upgrade his teaching qualifications with some additional studies so he can continue teaching music production and get his life back on track.

At this stage of his treatment, while he is still unable to work, a little bit of help would go a long way and take considerable stress out of Danny’s current situation. He very much looks forward to getting back on his feet so he can start living life again and can look forward to a positive future.

Julie Cavanagh