Jim has lost a foot, now he needs a hand


Jim Medcraft was working in America a couple of years ago as a Visual Jockey (VJ) for an incredible Australian DJ Alison Wonderland. After packing up the show, in Austin Texas, it was about four in the morning and he went to find something to eat. As he crossed the road to go to a service station, he was hit by a sports car travelling at very high speed. The car didn’t stop and Jim was left for dead with huge injuries to his legs, spine, brain, shoulder as well as internal injuries.

The damage done to his legs was so severe that if Jim had been in Australia, he would have certainly had them both legs amputated. Luckily in America they had the equipment and techniques to give saving his legs a fighting chance and they took it.

Almost three years later, often spent in great pain, and many operations later, Jim’s right leg has been saved. However, his left leg and foot are never going to be right and will always be a constant source of pain. So Jim has made the almost impossible decision to allow the amputation of his left foot and leg from just below the knee. The operation will take place in February this year and when it’s all over Jim will be fitted with a prosthetic leg. This means Jim should be able to walk freely again, hopefully without the need for crutches or a mobility scooter. He’ll be able to play with children, do the odd gigs; some fitness and he will no longer be in constant pain.

Children?  I hear you say.  What children? Well, as you might know Jim and Lauren were married in June last year  (you can see more about their love story here and here) and want to get pregnant,  which is a somewhat daunting task in their current situation.

There are also emotional pitfalls that come with losing as limb coupled with the long road to rehabilitation and learning to walk again.

You can help Jim and his wife Lauren through this hard time by making a donation. The money raised will give Jim a helping hand on his journey. It might help to afford a car that Jim can drive, giving him more independence. It may help with the prosthetic foot (depending on what will be covered through Medicare); or help him with his studies so that he can retrain and get back to work. This has been hard due to the pain and his many stays for months on end in hospital, but he is currently completing a second masters at UTS and working hard to create a new path, as after the accident it has been almost impossible for him to continue his VJ work. So the financial help, would make this incredibly difficult time just that bit easier.

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