Donate to the Kate Stewart Appeal

On 21st September this year, Kate Stewart suffered a severe left hemisphere stroke which has left her with significant impairments. Kate has right sided paralysis (hemiplegia) limiting use of her arm and leg as well as memory and language deficits. In order for Kate to live an independent and full life in the future she will require ongoing care and support.

Kate has worked in the music industry for the past 35 years starting with Roger Grierson in the Mid 80’s; Ken West and the Big Day out Crew; You Am I; and Jess Ducrou with Splendour in the Grass to name a few.

Unfortunately, Kate is not well enough to return to work and is not in a financial position to pay for ongoing rehabilitation and care services, mortgage repayments and costs of daily living.

Kate has always been a generous donor and supporter of charity with monthly donations to WWF, Oxfam, and Save the Children to name a few.

Please help Kate to be able to live an independent life by making a donation today. Anything you can spare is very much appreciated.

You can donate by clicking DONATE below and you will receive a tax deductible receipt by return email.