The Malcolm Savage Appeal

I am unable to work at the moment, and lucky to be alive – thanks to the great work of the doctors, surgeons and nurses at St Vincent’s in Sydney. I am so lucky I am not asking for help with my funeral expenses (well that would probably be someone else anyway). I went to St Vincent’s Hospital in mid-December with an uncontrollable bladder, very low heart rate and very high blood pressure. I was admitted immediately as they had previously found kidney stones in October which they scheduled for removal at the end of January. I had developed sepsis from the kidney stones which can be fatal if not caught early. They put me on antibiotics, then lasered the stones. This was only partially successful – they managed to break up the smaller one (1cm) but not the larger one (3 cm). They inserted a tube into my back and with a catheter in my front, proceeded to flush out all the pieces of stone. They let me out for Christmas and now I will be going back in March when they will remove the rest of the stone from my kidney with surgery. The sepsis also has caused a heart arrhythmia, which the cardio specialists are starting to address now I am over the worst of my kidney stone problems. Not a good time to be asking with all the devastation to our country and I am  unable to work at the moment I was hoping for some help to pay my living and medical expenses; thank you so much.

Malcolm Savage