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Paul “Duck” Connelly is an Australian Music Photo Journalist, as well as a Musician who has been battling Q-Fever and Post Q-Fever Syndrome.

Paul contracted the disease about 14 years ago but was not diagnosed until 2012. This meant that early treatment was not an option and now he can only manage the countless symptoms the disease manifests.

The disease has caused ongoing health problems which have restricted his ability to work full time, and many days Duck has been unable to get out of bed.

Paul, or “Duck”, has run countless Jam and Open Mike nights as well as Photographing Bands and Interviewing artists for Print Radio and Online. Covering festivals including Blues Fest Byron Bay, Splendour, Falls, Island Vibe and many others, he has been published throughout the country, and his work has extended to album covers and tour posters, always making the price affordable to young and emerging artists wherever he lives. He was the Drum Mentor for the Gudgin Guddaba Lands Council and the Find Your Music program in Kyogle, teaching 8 students over almost 2 years.

For the past few years he has spent the majority of his spare income on looking for health benefits and has seen some improvement, however this has come at the expense of his equipment. Recently, during a photo shoot his main working camera sustained damage due to both water and a drop….

He has some work coming up but needs to replace the equipment in order to do the work, and continue on the path to getting back to working as much as his illness allows.

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