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On the 3rd of July Peter Heckenberg was involved in a car accident in upstate New York. This was a major accident and Peter’s injuries severe. This accident resulted in a two week medically induced coma, a broken neck, many other injuries and a jaunty eye patch!

At great emotional and financial cost of Peter’s family, friends and coworkers have supported his journey back to Australia. However, due to the extent of his injuries Peter is unable to work for the foreseeable future and still has a long road of rehab ahead in order to gain his full mobility and get back to his creative expressive self.

Peter is one of the kindest, most generous creative artists one can find in the music industry.  Pete (Heck to his friends) found his natural talent at an early age, playing drums as a five-year-old. By the time he was a young teenager he was already teaching percussion and preforming in local bands around the western suburbs of Sydney.

He has been the member of some of Australia’s most iconic bands, having played with Swanee, Boss and most recently to tens of thousands across the world with Rose Tattoo and the one and only Angry Anderson. He has appeared on Rage and Countdown becoming part of Australian music history. He has also worked for many years on an annual basis, supporting the musical aspirations of youth internationally. His work as a talented music producer is also part of his international profile. His musical efforts and longstanding understanding of the music industry has gained him respect in many quarters of the music scene globally as well as locally.

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