Rohan Brooks is a well-respected and accomplished Melbourne based musician and composer. Rohan has selflessly dedicated his career to bringing the joy and power of music to people with disabilities. From touring Australia and the USA with The Anyones on the back of two highly acclaimed albums, to touring the world (including a gig at the U.N.) and raising awareness of disability inclusiveness through rock/pop band Rudely Interrupted, Rohan’s dedication to his music and those around him is indisputable.

After emergency surgery to treat a brain aneurysm in November 2018, Rohan has embarked on a long and steady road to recovery. The impacts of his treatment include cognitive dysfunction particularly short term memory loss. Although it is anticipated that Rohan’s functioning will improve this will take a significant period of time. As such he is currently not able to work and requires disability support.

Beloved for his humour, humility, tolerance and dedication to music and disability inclusion we ask the community to support Rohan in his recovery.

Please contribute what you can to the Rohan Brooks Appeal (RohRaiser)

– Mr Cahal Meegan