Leah Flanagan

Leah Flanagan is the Director of the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Music Office, an all-Indigenous-led and staffed department within APRA AMCOS. A renowned independent songwriter and musician, Leah’s journey as an artist is woven with a myriad of diverse guest appearances including recently contributing to Midnight Oil’s live band as a backing and featured vocalist for their Resist world tour and collaborator on their ARIA Award-winning EP The Makarrata Project.

Leah is of Alyawarr descent and is passionate when it comes to spotlighting music from the Indigenous music community and has lent her voice to projects such as Archie Roach’s 25th anniversary reissue of Charcoal Lane, The Mission Songs Project Album, Buried Country, The Story of Aboriginal Country Music as well as festival productions, The Black Arm Band and The Spirit of Churaki.