Whilst Support Act is a charity, we prefer to think of any financial assistance we are able to give as a grant, awarded in acknowledgment of an artist or music worker’s contribution to Australian music.

Please meet the following people whom we’ve helped and who have kindly allowed us to share their stories:

Neill Duncan is a professional saxophonist who lost his arm due to an aggressive form of cancer. This is his story.

Neill is a professional saxophonist. In late 2012 Neill lost his left arm to sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, leaving him unable to continue as a professional saxophone player. A close friend of Neill’s, refusing to give up on his friend and colleague, found a specialist overseas who builds instruments from scratch, in this case a one handed sax. Support Act contacted Neill to see how we could help and paid for the new saxophone.

“That’s amazing. Finding out what life’s really about. The beauty of really appreciating what I’ve had, what I’ve got and the amazing support that I’ve had from Support Act.”

DJ Jack McCord

Jack speaks about the help he and his family received after a serious motorbike accident (click to watch)

Jo Bailey O’Reilly, Sabrina Lawrie and Mick Skelton

“A short interview on their experiences with Support Act and how we helped. ”

Click here to see how Support Act helped

Musician JuliaWhy?

Julia speaks about her mental health struggles and how SA helped

The late Carol Lloyd
Professional musician

“Support Act were our angels.”
Click here to watch Carol’s story

Danny Widdicombe
Professional musician

“Support Act literally saved my family”

Click here to watch Danny’s story

Andy McDonell
Professional musician

“There needs to be someone like Support Act there in times of crisis, because there is no one else.”
Click here to watch Andy’s story

Lilli Lovegrove

“For my whole life it was just him and I. It happened out of nowhere, his passing. Finance wasn’t something I was thinking about at all before then.”

Jim Conway
Professional musician

“I’m very grateful for the assistance provided by Support Act. It has improved my quality of life enormously and has given me the confidence to perform again.”