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Our bi-monthly newsletter for the music community that focuses on all things mental health including news, events, insights and tips is out now!

In this edition, crew worker Christian McBride discusses his mental health and wellbeing journey whilst on the road and the importance of reaching out when you need to.

We also share our brand new touring resource for all of those who work in the field and some de-stressing exercises.

End of Financial Year Appeal

Don, a crew worker and MC, became unwell and had to stop work to undertake radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to cover some of Don’s rent payments, medical expenses associated with his treatment and provide some food vouchers. 

Help us provide support for music workers like Don who are doing it tough. With you by our side, we can be a much needed safety net for even more music workers in need this year.

Managers Wellbeing Check-In

Calling all music industry managers and team leaders! We’re excited to announce our first free and online Managers Wellbeing Check-In happening on Thursday 4 July from 10am-11:30am (AEST). 

Recognise how mental health and wellbeing exists on a spectrum, and why working in music can be uniquely challenging for people’s mental health.

What we do

Support Act is the music industry’s charity, delivering crisis relief services to musicians, managers, crew and music workers across all genres who are unable to work due to ill health, injury, a mental health problem or some other crisis, such as COVID-19. 

We also develop and implement life-saving mental health and wellbeing programs and services.

About Support Act

Get Help

You can get help by applying for financial support if you are a musician, manager, crew or music worker in crisis. We will also contribute to the cost of a funeral.

Contact the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline if you are concerned about any aspect of your mental health, and check out our Resources page to discover industry-specific mental health videos, training options, articles and other cool stuff.

Get Help

Give Help

You can give help by making an individual or company donation, fundraising, leaving a gift to us in your will, and by spreading the word about our services to anyone in need. See below for more information.

Give Help


If you would like to make an individual or company donation, please visit our donate page. A recurring monthly or annual donation is a great way to ensure your ongoing support. All donations are tax deductible.

There are many ways to fundraise: hold an event (when conditions allow), donate a percentage of sales from products, services or merchandise, or set up a donation page on social media for your birthday or other special occasion. Please make sure you register with us first.

Help A Mate provides an opportunity to raise money for an artist, roadie or music worker who is in need or suffering hardship or distress. This could be through a dedicated appeal or a fundraising event. Find out more.

If you would like to leave Support Act a gift in your Will or should you decide to include Support Act as a beneficiary, we provide more information here. You can also call our CEO Clive Miller on 1300 731 303.

Make a Bequest

Music workers are a proud and resilient bunch, and some can be reluctant to seek help, even though they might be in financial distress or just need to talk to someone about their wellbeing. If you know someone who needs our help, please encourage them to contact us.


Whether you want to learn how to give or get help, look after your own own wellbeing or hear how others in the music community have overcome challenges, this is for you.