Current Online Community Fundraising

Community Fundraising for Support Act

Due to COVID-19, Support Act are currently only able to support and promote online events/ fundraisers. Of course we hope to return to live events in the near future, however cannot make a decision at this time when that will be. If you have an event that raising money for Support Act, please contact us online HERE. Please be aware we are currently inundated with enquiries and aim to get back to you ASAP.

The IsoKing Desks - Order Online

Stage Kings IsoKing Desks and Home Products

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian live events industry experienced an immediate, and complete shutdown, and in the space of just 48 hours, our entire income and job list for the remainder of 2020 (and beyond) was cancelled, with no end in sight. It was the first national industry to completely fall over due to the crisis, and it happened very, very quickly.

So whilst we have felt bitter disappointment, we found the emotion has very quickly morphed into a sense of sheer determination. We will fight hard, and somehow, make it work.

A suggestion came out of the darkness from a close friend over in Ireland, the legendary Steve Fox of Flying Elephant Productions. He reminded us that we have a CNC Router, and the people to use it. We have a large warehouse that is kitted out with state of the art carpentry machines, and we have a huge team of specialist and trusted tradespeople on hand. We also now have entire industries, having to work from home in Isolation.

So, we have decided to produce work-from-home desks, and other home products. As a nod to Stagekings, we’re going to call them The IsoKing desks.

Most importantly for us, we are hoping that this project will keep a number of our good crew off the street and back in work. We also think it’s an appropriate time to give back and share the love, so we’ll also be donating $10 from every order to Support Act – who are supporting workers in the Australian Event Industry who have been – and will continue to be – impacted by COVID-19.

The ARCA Desktape Series - Purchase Online

The ARCA Desktape Series

The ARCA Desk Tape Series is an initiative of the Australian Road Crew Association
(ARCA), a not for profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of live production crew in
Australia. ARCA is assisted by a collective of industry professionals, all freely giving their energy and time.
The series was created by ARCA to raise funds and resources for Support Act’s Roadies
Fund to provide financial, health, counselling and well being services for crews. ARCA
was approached by Support Act after ARCA made the industry and the wider community aware of the plight of many Roadies who were doing it hard, and they created the Roadies fund together.

Roadies have amassed a treasure trove of live recordings spanning more than 40 years
and made ARCA their custodian. These tapes document the cultural significance of the
Australian live music scene and serve as important historical records, requiring a release to ensure they may never be lost.

Acts including Australian Crawl, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Goanna, The Church, Cold Chisel, Crowded House,  Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, Wendy Matthews, Men At Work, Mental As Anything, Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly and Redgum, all expressed a willingness to participate, foregoing their performance royalties to assist the crews who have helped them on their journey. A wonderful gesture of support and recognition. Each release acknowledges just how important roadies have been to making our live
performance industry a stand out success. They offer recognition to the engineers who
documented this wealth of genuine Australian music history.

ARCA has established Black Box Records as the vehicle to promote each release, with
MGM Distribution providing the means for worldwide distribution.

Each release will be distributed worldwide through all major digital and streaming services by MGM Distribution. ARCA will finance short runs of CD’s of each title for sale if feasible. The Desk tape Series will be available through:  iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, TIDAL, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

ARCA would like to thank the following sponsors of The Desk Tape Series:
Showtech (Rigging), CMI (P.A and Production), Clearlight (Lighting), DSE Trucks (Transport), Scully Outdoors (Outdoor Production), Gigpower (Crewing and Staging), Lock and Load (Crewing), Chameleon Touring (Production and Lighting),  JPJ (P.A and Lighting), Novatech (P.A and Lighting), Phaseshift (Lighting), Show FX Australia (Pyrotechnics), Event Personnel (Crewing), Norwest (P.A and Lighting Production),
Nprint (Artwork)

Fender x Support Act Guitar straps - Order Online

Limited Edition Fender x Support Act Guitar Straps

Thousands of artists, crew and other music industry professionals have lost their entire livelihoods due to the cancellation of concerts, festivals, tours and shows during the COVID19 pandemic.

Fender is proud to present the Australian exclusive “Support Act” strap collection, with 100% of Fender’s profits going to the Support Act Relief Fund. These quality limited edition straps contribute a dose of personality whilst promoting a noble cause.


  • Adjustable length (34″-59″) to fit most players
  • Support Act logo
  • Silver Fender “F” logo on reinforced leather ends
  • Available in Black, White, Red, Yellow & Pink

AM Eyewear 4 Support Act Sunglasses - Order Online

AM Eyewear 4 Support Act Sunglasses

This sunglass has been developed with the purpose of raising money for the guardian angels of the Australian Music Industry: Support Act.

COVID19 has crippled many facets of the live music industry and every pair sold will go to help support workers who were affected by it through Support Act’s amazing initiatives and helpline.

For every music lover that has stood on their toes in a crowd, who has chanted for an encore, or who has counted the days for an album to be released – this is for the people that help make it happen. By buying this frame you’re saying THANK YOU.

The sunglasses include:

  • BOX MEASUREMENT : 50-19-148

Brisband 4 - Live in Brisbane

Brisband 4

Music brings happiness and is the “soundtrack to our lives”. It is a part of our celebrations. Please join us in helping out our musical fraternity who have done it hard during COVID.

This year’s Brisband 4 is raising funds for Support Act who are Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers.

Please join us 23 January at the Fortitude Music Hall for this year’s Brisband. 8 bands, $25, Brisbane’s premier music facility, on the Australia Day long weekend. Note that tickets are limited this year, so check your calendars and get them soon.

Beans To An End - Order Online

Beans to an End specialty coffee

If you work in music festivals in Australia, you’ve likely heard of Matthew Jens.

No stranger to event production management, his lists of credentials and accomplishments are lengthy, having managed some of the most significant music events in Australia. Whether he is backstage at a gig or spending time with his family, Matthew would always bring a lively, positive attitude to any situation.

It’s not unusual to often find him competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or critiquing Hi-Fi gear. As a hobby, Matthew has been roasting coffee for five years – mainly for friends and family.

Since COVID-19 has paused the world of events, Matthew (like many others) lost the ability to do what he loved doing: gigs.

Matthew witnessed the devastating effect that COVID-19 has had on his colleagues, friends and community. He has turned to his coffee roasting passion for two reasons: to bring delicious, cafe-quality coffee into people’s lives, and to help those who need it most.

For every coffee bag that is sold, Beans To An End will donate $1 to one of our partner charities, Support Act and the Dylan Alcott Foundation. We chose these charities because they are causes that we believe in, and we’ll be adding more to the lineup as time goes on. You can either buy a single coffee bag or sign up for a subscription with us. Regardless of how you buy it, for every bag purchased, we will donate $1 to the charity of your choice.

'Story's Start or End' Live EP - Purchase or Listen Online

‘Stories Start or End’ Live EP and merch pack by SAFIA

Celebrating the one year anniversary of ‘Stories Start or End’, SAFIA are releasing a Live EP from the Australian tour to celebrate the incredible work of their touring crew. SAFIA will be selling an exclusive merch bundle comprising of the Live EP and a limited-edition t-shirt, with all profits going to Support Act to help crew affected by COVID-19.

The songs on the Live EP were recorded across various shows on the album tour and were mixed by Alex Gooden, who mixed the original album, and tours with the band as their FOH Engineer. The EP captures both the energy of live music (which we are all missing) and celebrates the talents of many music industry professionals currently out of work due to COVID-19.

'I'm Good?' - Purchase or Listen Online

‘I’m Good?’ by Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods have just released a new song written from, and about isolation titled ‘I’m Good?’, with proceeds from the song going to the Support Act ‘Roadies (Crew) Fund’.

Regarding the release of the song, the band had this to say: ‘It’s a very dark time at the moment, so we wanted to make something light-hearted, we’re hoping that the song might give someone a laugh and maybe lift their spirits. But ultimately what we want to do is raise money for the roadies and associated support crew – including those who have lost their livelihoods due to this pandemic.’

If you are able, please consider donating to Support Act and directing your donation to the ‘Roadies (Crew) Fund’. 

'Isolation' - Purchase or Listen Online

‘Isolation’ by Vanessa Amorosi

Vanessa Amorosi has released her latest track ‘ISOLATION’ from her upcoming album The Blacklisted Collection. All proceeds from this track will be donated to Support Act.

'Four Days' - Purchase or Listen Online

‘Four Days’ by Ali Barter and Oscar Dawson (HOLY HOLY

The triple j audience, set Ali Barter and Oscar Dawson (HOLY HOLY) the task of writing a song about our current situation we’re all facing, with some twist. They did it in 24hours and is now officially out in all the regular places.

All of its proceeds from anyone, listening or buying the song, will get into the hands of Support Act – to help those in music that are getting hit hard by the disappearance of work fitting their skills right now.

Your Favourite Team x Acid Stag Blog - Book Online

Your Favourite Team x Acid Stag Blog

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Your Favourite Team and Muso for a new program that will see skilled music writers being paid to develop press releases and bios for emerging artists – and 10% of all proceeds will be donated directly to Support Act.

Artists and industry representatives know just how important independent music sites are for  discovering emerging artists, but over the last few years the industry has seen a dramatic drop in the amount of local and international music sites, and as we look to the future of music discovery and journalism in Australia, it’s looking fairly grim.

Over the last 10 years Acid Stag has built a solid reputation for helping artists get their name out there and sharing their music to a worldwide audience. In doing so we’ve also helped launch the careers of some of Australia’s finest artists including FlumeRUFUS DU SOLCrooked ColoursThe Kite String Tangle and SAFIA just to name a few.

If you’re an artist who is looking for help with either a press release or artist bio for your next campaign, head over to the Your Favourite Team site to fill out the artist questionnaire.

From there you’ll get yourself a press release or artist bio written by one of our dedicated music journalists, and at the same time you will be helping to support the future of music discovery in Australia! 

WE'RE GONNA MISS YOU: An Aussie Tribute to Roky Erickson & The 13th Floor Elevators - Purchase Online

WE’RE GONNA MISS YOU: An Aussie Tribute to Roky Erickson & The 13th Floor Elevators

The non-for-profit compilation is to be released exclusively by Sydney’s Third Eye Stimuli Records in January 2021, with all proceeds going to Support Actand​ ​Black Dog Institute. The proceeds will contribute to a range of initiatives, from Support Act’s COVID-19 relief fund and mental health helpline, through to research in suicide prevention and developing education programs in mental health at Black Dog Institute.

Sydney-based producer Dan Frizza approached Rick Snowden and Josh White from Third Eye Stimuli Records during 2019 and together, they carefully curated a slew of exciting rock acts including Rosa Maria, Buried Feather, Turtle Skull, The Jim Mitchells, Jak Housden (The Whitlams), Misty Lanes, Luke Spook, Pseudo Mind Hive, Charlie Gradon, The Flamingo Jones andJoe Ghatt (NZ).

Thanks to it’s thoughtful tracklisting and the variety of artists involved, as an experience the record has a well-balanced energy about it, moving between modern psych, heavy fuzz and driving krautrock, through to country and brighter, indie rock shades. It’s an eclectic palette that’s sure to impress fans of Roky Erickson’s music and anyone accustomed to ample reverb and vintage guitars.

Passionate vinyl enthusiasts Zenith Recordshave jumped on board in support of the release, offering their record pressing services. 300 limited edition copies of the compilation will be pressed (200 on special colour vinyl and 100 on classic black). The records will be available online exclusively via Third Eye Stimuli Records, with pre-orders launching at 5pm AEST on Friday Nov 6th, as Bandcampwaive their profit share for 24hrs.

TrackERS COVID Tracking App - Purchase Online

TrackERS COVID Tracking App

Victorian based ERS Group Australia like many in the music industry saw all future work cancelled in March 2020. Founders, Michael Davis and David Stone, decided the way forward was to innovate and adapt to the new COVID-19 reality. Our ethos is to innovate and safely streamline practice in the entertainment industry from rigging to project management. Michael and David called upon this ethos to develop a software solution to streamline COVID Safe compliance here in Victoria.

“From the word go TrackERS has been about supporting business and inspiring community confidence as we return to normal activities” declares Michael.

TrackERS uses QR codes and short-links to quickly record entry data required for COVID Safe operation and securely destroy those records after 28 days. The service simplifies record keeping compliance whilst mitigating privacy and data risks for business and their customers. TrackERS has been is designed and implemented with security, data integrity and simplicity of user experience front of mind.

“We have seen successful uptake in regional hospitality venues from Castlemaine and Geelong to Mildura. We also keep a number of essential manufacturing businesses COIVD Safe compliant here in Melbourne thanks to TrackERS remarks David.

TrackERS is a low-cost tool for small-medium business and venues. We believe TrackERS will help entertainment return and a step toward the best COVID Normal that allows all of us to get back to business!

“The logical step once TrackERS took off was to partner with Support Act, with 20% of each sale being donated to the Roadie’s fund”, says Michael. “I know many of our people have had it tough through COVID, so every little bit we can do to support the industry make a recovery isn’t optional in my book.”

It’s easy to comply. Try it yourself:

Armstrong Street Shirts - Purchase Online

Armstrong Street ‘Support the Arts’ Fundraiser shirts

“Artists … play an invaluable role in our our country’s culture, identity and workforce. They connect us (and) tell our stories”. *

From Band Aid to Bushfire relief, the Arts community has always rallied in times of crisis to raise funds for affected communities.

As the COVID-19 situation began to affect Australia, the Arts sector was one of the first impacted. The cancellation of live performances and festivals such as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival hit the creative community hard, leaving artists and support crew devastated. 

During this period of isolation, many of us are turning to art, books, music, film and TV to get us through these difficult times. 

Now it’s up to us to support these wonderful, creative folk who make our lives a better, more interesting place.

100% of the profits from all sales will be donated to Arts Organisations supporting and advocating for artists – 50% to Support Act and 50% to National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) Artists’ Benevolent Fund.

Purchase shirts online HERE

* Making Art Work, A summary and response by the Australia Council for the Arts

Clap Hands - Hand Sanitiser - Purchase Online

CLAP HANDS Hand Sanitiser by Composting Toilet Systems

Composting Toilet Systems have been providing hand sanitiser to events for over 10 years.  Just as we are passionate about creating compost and closing the loop we want to support our homegrown arts industry.  Like many people affected by the Covid 19 restrictions we want to help the arts sector get back on its feet, while innovating our own business.

That is why for every litre sold of hand sanitiser we are donating 30c to Support Act and creating employment for a safe return to a thriving arts culture.  Support Act is the only charity delivering crisis relief to musicians and arts workers as a result of financial hardship, ill health, injury or mental health issues.

Clap Hands Sanitiser is made in Melbourne from Australian sourced ethanol.  Our unique and durable designed brackets and stands are also made locally.

Whether you’re a club, venue, organisation or business we can put our hands together to support the arts and Clap Hands!

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