Support Act strongly encourages and promotes safety, mental health and wellbeing best practice in all Australian music industry businesses through our programs and Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program

18-month program featuring a wealth of industry-specific, evidence-based, training programs to support mentally healthy workplaces.

Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry

Protect, respond and promote the development of mentally healthy workplaces.

Workplace Wellbeing Check-In

Group sessions for businesses to learn how to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing, and build a culture of support in the workplace.

Support Act Guide to Safer Workplaces in the Music Industry

A checkpoint for employers to help prevent sexual harm, harassment, bullying and discrimination including template policies as guides to support implementing new policies around safer workplaces.

Guide to Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Discrimination

Support for those who have experienced sexual harm, harassment or systemic discrimination in Australian music.

If you are struggling with your mental health and need someone to talk to, please reach out and call our Wellbeing Helpline on 1800 959 500. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7.