Support Act is the heart and hand of Australian music.

We are the music industry’s charity, providing crisis relief, mental health and wellbeing support to musicians, managers, crew, music workers and organisations across all genres of music.

We deliver this through short term financial support; funeral support; mental health prevention, education and training programs; the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program; and the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline.

Support Act is an industry leader in cultural and behavioural change, and we strive to create a safe and thriving music industry for all, including dedicated culturally intelligent support for First Nations music workers.

ABN: 43 079 588 604
DGR: 900449383


In 2022 we celebrated a major milestone – our 25th anniversary! 

The e​stablishment of Support Act was a story that was 17 years in the making. The idea was initially conceived in 1980 by publisher, John Bromell, following a dinner with Easybeats singer, Stevie Wright, and Jane English.

Concerned about the lack of support within the industry for musicians like Stevie, John saw the need for an industry-based entity that could provide human and financial services to positively impact the health and welfare of people working in music.

He lobbied the music business industry, and with financial support from founding members ARIA PPCA and APRA AMCOS, the organisation was incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee on 7 August 1997 and then launched on 8 August. It was granted charity status in 2000. 

The initial committee comprised John Anderson, Jeremy Fabinyi, Nick Hampton, Peter Hebbes, Peter Karpin, Glenn Shorrock, Simon Fenner, Emmanuel Candi, Dobe Newton, Alex Coroneos, John Bromell, Michael Chugg, Brett Cottle, Meryl Gross, Jim White and Michael McMartin.

Over the years, the who’s who of the music industry have had a hand in making the charity what it is today, with directors including Geoffrey Rudd, Jane English, Brian Cadd, Robert Patterson, John Hansen, John Woodruff, Dean Ormston, Keith Potger, Fifa Riccobono, Cath Haridy and Mark Callaghan.

25th anniversary video

We would like to acknowledge and thank those members of the music community who have served as directors and officers of Support Act. They are:

John Anderson (1997-1998) – Director

Jeremy Fabinyi (1997-1998) – Director

Nick Hampton (1997-1998) – Company Secretary

Peter Hebbes (1997-1998) – Director

Peter Karpin (1997-1998) – Director

Glenn Shorrock (1997-1998) – Director

Simon Fenner (1997-1999) – Director

Emmanuel Candi (1997-2003) – Director

Dobe Newton (1997-2004) – Director

Alex Coroneos (1997-2008) – Director

John Bromell (1997-2011) – Director

Michael Chugg (1997-2011) – Director

Brett Cottle (1997-2012) – Director

Meryl Gross (1997-2013) – Director, Chair

Jim White (1997-2013) – Director

Michael McMartin (1997-2016) – Director

Geoffrey Rudd (1998-2017) – Director

Jane English (2004-2007) – Director

Brian Cadd (2008-2014) – Director

Robert Patterson (2009-2013) – Director

John Hansen (2009 -2014) – Director

John Woodruff (2011-2012) – Director

Dean Ormston (2013-2014) – Director

Joanna Cave (2013-2018) – CEO

Keith Potger (2013-2019) – Director

Fifa Riccobono (2013-2019) – Director

Cath Haridy (2015-2019) – Director

Mark Callaghan (2013-2019) – Director

Sebastian Chase (2015-2022) – Director

Sally Howland (1998-2022) – Director / Chair

Karin Lines (2015 – 2023) – Director

John O’Donnell (2017 – 2023) – Director

Alethea Beetson (2019 – 2023) Director

Millie Millgate (2020 – 2023) Director

Jonathan Carter (2022 – 2023) Director

Our current directors and staff list can be found here.