Our inaugural Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry have been developed in consultation with representatives from the music industry and regulatory authorities in line with the actions proposed in the National Mental Health Commission’s National Workplace Initiative.

They seek to encourage action to protect, respond, and promote the positive aspects of work that contribute to good mental health. 

This includes a commitment to provide workplaces that are psychologically safe, and which take proactive measures to address safety at work issues including bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, racism, ageism, homophobia and transphobia. 



Signing the Standards is your opportunity to make a statement and show your people and the industry your commitment:

  • Please provide a link to where we can download your logo
  • Please provide any further details regarding mental health policies or programs you have in place



Maggie Collins, Executive Director:

“We have been involved in consulting with Support Act in the creation of this brilliant initiative. It is in all our best interests that we progress as an industry to improve the lives of ALL of our workers. Our Managers believe in integrity, respect and providing healthy partnerships via our own Code of Conduct. It’s with this motivation that we welcome these Minimum Standards, and thank Support Act for putting in the work to develop them.”

Dean Ormston, CEO:

“APRA AMCOS welcomes and endorses Support Act’s Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry. We value the opportunity to contribute with colleagues across our industry to the co-creation of these Minimum Standards. We are committed to creating and sustaining a positive, safe and inclusive workplace culture and recognise and accept that this requires constant and diligent focus and effort from all of us. We believe the aims of these Minimum Standards are appropriately reflected in our policies and procedures for employees and our practices in the industry.” 

Simone Schinkel, CEO:

“With a Victorian State election just around the corner, creating a safer music industry is a top priority for us. We are so grateful to have our own in house mental health clinician (accessible to all members for free in person sessions), and to have been part of the process for developing these standards that can side alongside our own Code of Conduct.”

Roger Field, President APAC:

We currently have the following procedures and policies in place – Code of Conduct; Anti Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy; Flexible Work Guidelines; Safety and Wellbeing Policy. We will be building on our staff programs in 2023 and will have a strong focus on developing our leaders’ confidence to assist team members with mental health challenges, aiming for all leaders to be MHFA trained by end of Q1 2023.”

Justin Boschetti, CEO:

Our staff have undertaken Mental First Aid training, Diversity and Inclusion training; we have initiated a Diversity and Equity committee; our staff-led People & Culture committee discuss mental health and wellbeing; we are members of the Arts Wellbeing Collective, have a formal Employee Assistance Program, have prepared and review a psychological hazard risk assessment, regularly discuss mental health and wellbeing, and have a Wellbeing Day leave system for up to five additional days of leave per annum. We actively participate in mental health initiatives such as R U Ok? and Ausmusic T-shirt Day, and promote Support Act in the workplace.”

Rob Carroll, Managing Director:

We regularly encourage participation in mental health initiatives (including those run by Support Act), have conversations about mental health, provide helpful resources and information to staff, offer time out/off if staff are struggling, have ample recreational facilities in our office and often engage in team building/social activities during work hours.”

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