Welcome to the Support Act Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing – a regularly updated resource of evidence-based information, articles, videos, plus app and book recommendations, specifically curated for those who work in music.

Whether you want to learn how to give or get help, look after your own own wellbeing or hear how others in the music community have overcome challenges, this guide is for you. If you need additional support contact the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline now on 1800 959 500.

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There are lots of things that can cause depression – working in the music industry and all the stresses that come with it can increase the risk.

Managing Conflict

Conflict is bound to happen to some extent, but how much it impacts your life can be down to how you manage it.


People working in the music industry experience up to 10x the rate of moderate to severe anxiety compared to people in general.


Sometimes, life gets a little too much for us to hack – and it’s times like these we need to get brave, reach out and ask for help or support.

Alcohol and Drugs

In the absence of support, resilience or healthy coping strategies, misuse of alcohol and drugs can cause you harm.

Self Care

Without a plan on how to take care of yourself, you’re prone to becoming overwhelmed, apathetic, disconnected and experience burnout.

Why a resource for the music community?

There are lots of things about working in music that can take a toll on your mental health – like the erratic sleep patterns, performance anxiety, hectic touring schedules, easy access to alcohol and drugs and uncertainty around income. All that can lead to higher rates of some mental illnesses, with music industry professionals having 10 x the rate of anxiety, 5 x the rate of depression and double the rate of suicide attempts.

Tune Up, Not Out.

Tune Ups is a high impact, intimate and revealing video series on mental health with Australian music heroes, including Support Act Mental Health Advocates Brendon Love (The Teskey Brothers), Sahara Herald (Frontier Touring) and Fanny Lumsden.


ON MY MIND is a free online workshop series exploring the ins and outs of mental health and wellbeing for musicians, crew and music workers in the Australian music industry. On My Mind is presented with support from the Australian Government through the Office for the Arts and American Express.

Mental Health First Aid

With support from the Australian Government through the Office for the Arts, Support Act are bringing the nationally-accredited Mental Health First Aid training to artists, crew and music workers all around Australia this year.

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