A captivating and groundbreaking fusion of photography and introspective storytelling

‘Outside In’ delves into the hidden depths of the Australian music industry, capturing both the essence and vulnerability of its iconic figures.

Created by music photographer Jess Macc, Hustle Media and Support Act, the series features artists from a wide range of genres and backgrounds including Budjerah, Tania Doko, Dale Tanner (Ocean Grove), Catherine Alcorn, Jamaica Moana and Yorke, along with Rolling Stone editor-in-chief, Poppy Reid.

Each participant is candidly interviewed by Jess Macc about their life and personal stories regarding the highs and lows of being a part of the Australian music scene. The videos and images will be released on social media weekly, starting with artist, rapper and songwriter of Māori (Ngāpuhi/Tainui) and Samoan descent, Jamaica Moana.

Mental health issues can affect anyone, but there are healthy ways to pursue a career in music and support for those who make music their career. Check out our mental health resources for advice and tips, and if you need someone to talk to, call the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline on 1800 959 500.


Episode 1: Jamaica Moana

Jamaica Moana is a Sydney-based artist, rapper, creative director and songwriter of Māori (Ngāpuhi/Tainui) and Samoan descent. In this episode Jamaica talks about starting in the industry at a young age, as well as their coming out story and finding her people in the queer community.

Episode 2: Dale Tanner

Dale Tanner vocalist of Ocean Grove, Opens up to Jess Macc about his music journey and navigating his mental health.

Episode 3: Poppy Reid

Poppy Reid is the Editor In Chief of Australia’s largest youth publisher, The Brag Media, which includes Rolling Stone AU/NZ, Variety Australia, Tone Deaf, The Brag and The Music Network under its umbrella. In this episode of Outside In Poppy speaks on numerous topics including sexual assault and secondary trauma, divorce and sobriety.

Episode 4: Budjerah

Budjerah is an incredibly gifted Australian singer-songwriter who brings a soulful blend of R&B, folk, and Indigenous culture to the global music stage. As Budjerah’s star continues to rise, he remains a beacon of authenticity and inspiration. With every note, he carries the stories of his ancestors and the hopes of a new generation. In this episode of Outside In, Budjerah chats about his experiences in the Australian music industry and how he looks after his mental health.