Support Act’s Help A Mate service provides an opportunity for friends, family and/or work colleagues to raise money for an artist, artist manager, crew or music worker who is in need or suffering hardship or distress.

This can be done through a direct appeal, where Support Act will set up a secure online donation facility in the name of the person being helped. Donors can make tax deductible donations to this appeal via the Support Act website.

Support Act ‘s Help A Mate service is an easy, cost effective way of helping a mate – and it works. Support Act has helped the music community raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their mates in recent years.


Once the appeal has been set up, we will send you a link to the dedicated appeal page and you can circulate this to your networks.

We will send you regular reports listing all donations and the names and emails address of your donors (if they give us their permission) so you can thank them for their support.

Support Act can remit the funds to the beneficiary’s account either on completion of the appeal, or as instalment amounts paid during the appeal.

We will write a letter to the beneficiary confirming that the donation is a charitable gift to the beneficiary, which means it is not subject to tax. As a one-off charitable gift, it will not affect the beneficiary’s Centrelink Benefits.

10% of the money raised in your Help a Mate appeal is retained by Support Act. This money will help us to continue our charitable objectives including Help a Mate Appeals.

If you want to raise money for someone you know is in crisis by organising a benefit concert or event through Support Act, apply using the Benefit Application Form below. We will review promptly. 

Please note that 10% of the money raised in your Help a Mate concert or event is retained by Support Act. This money will help us to continue our charitable objectives including Help a Mate Appeals.



Sean Richards is a much-loved member of the music community, having worked as a tour manager for some of the biggest acts both here and overseas over the past 30 years .

Having recently undergone heart surgery and now awaiting a kidney transplant, he needs support to raise funds for medical treatment.


Please apply below to set up a Help a Mate appeal. We will review promptly. Our goal is to have your appeal up and running within 7 days of approving your application.


If would like to Help a Mate by holding a benefit concert or event through Support Act, you will need to apply using the below application form. This can be done in addition to, or instead of, an Appeal.