The board and staff of music charity Support Act have warmly welcomed the announcement from the Hon Anthony Albanese MP and the Hon Tony Burke MP that the Australian Government  will provide $1 million per annum to support its crisis relief, mental health and wellbeing, and First Nations programs.

Clive Miller, CEO, says: “The launch of the Revive National Cultural Policy is a huge moment for everyone working in music and the arts in Australia, and we greatly appreciate the recognition provided by Prime Minister Albanese, Minister Burke and the Australian Government in relation to the work of Support Act.

“Having this increased level of financial security will greatly assist our efforts to support music workers in need, and to continue to support a more mentally healthy music industry.”

Miller noted that Support Act continues to receive an average of 50 applications per week from music workers in desperate need of financial, mental health and wellbeing support. Many in the industry are still struggling to recover from the financial and mental health impacts of the past few years, while others are grappling with health issues and injuries that are preventing them from working. 

He also welcomed the announcement regarding the establishment of the Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces, noting Support Act’s strong commitment to leading cultural and behavioural change within the music industry through the development of its Mentally Healthy Workplaces program, which includes education and training in relation to psychological safety, minimum standards, safety@work, diversity, equity and inclusion training. 

“Support Act very much looks forward to working with this new entity, and our other colleagues in industry, to help promote an understanding of the obligations that all businesses have to provide psychologically safe workplaces, and how to achieve and maintain workplace standards,” Miller concluded. 

Read the full policy here.