It’s likely you’re here because music is what you love. The emotional ties we have with the work we do can makes separating the job from the other parts of life feel sometimes impossible. 

Even though working in music sounds like a dream come true, sometimes it can feel like there’s a collective cloud of exhaustion and it’s increasingly harder to find joy in all the things that drew you to music in the first place.

But why? You know what they say, do what you love and you’ll… work super hard all the time with no separation or any boundaries and also take everything extremely personally. 

Feeling this doesn’t make you ungrateful. It just means you’re human. 

Explore what burning out feels like and how we can listen and respond when our bodies and minds are telling us they’re done.


Burnout is a type of stress related to our working life.

It involves physical or emotional exhaustion, a sense of “checking out” or being cynical and feeling reduced accomplishment.

“Burnout” isn’t a medical condition. Individual factors, such as personality traits and family life, influence who experiences job burnout. As do environmental factors, such as our job design, work relationships and external pressures and expectations.


To live with balance means considering your needs – across all aspects of your life: relationships, work and study, health and growth, leisure, and offering them time, space and consideration.

Finding sustainable ways to nourish these different areas of your life make it easier to keep up with all your responsibilities, avoid burnout and live a rewarding and meaningful life.


A bold and beautiful way to take care of your self

Boundaries provide a necessary foundation for every relationship you have – most importantly the one you have with yourself.

Boundaries are guidelines we set in place that recognise our needs, distinguish priorities and indicate what type of treatment we will and will not accept from others. Healthy boundaries are flexible, and they allow us to make space for meeting our needs across all domains of life.

Katherine May – Enchantment


Download our Burnout, Balance and Boundaries tool kit and explore some things you can do to rebalance the scale.

You can’t do everything, but we all need something.
What are some things you can re-claim as SACRED.

Take a moment to reflect on a few statements and how they true these are for you and your experience over the past month.

3. WHO AM I?
Making room for all the people you are.
Make a list of all the words that represent various pieces of your identity and how you can make time for them.

Splitting life into 4 domains; Work / Study, Leisure, Health and Relationships. Where on the board are you sitting?

Have a think of some of the activities, tasks and habits that fill your days – and think where you would categorise these. Purely work, purely play, or a mixture of both?