When I was 10 years old, I blew out the candles to my birthday cake and would make one wish – To be famous. Fast forward 15 years later, I claimed the title of Australian Idol Winner and found myself in the spotlight, performing to over 3 million people on national television. Fame struck hard and fast.

The high: I was living my dreams. 

The low:  I battled an internal struggle of not feeling good enough. After the rise of fame, the rise of my past came back to haunt me.

“Fame exposed and amplified issues I hadn’t dealt with in my abuse that happened to me as a child. I thought my work colleagues in the music industry were against me, and I pushed away the people that loved me the most. My brain was choosing “danger and bad” believing this was “the good” which led me further and further away from my destiny, believing the lies in my head; the deception, instead of the truth which is love.”

My insight into fame went deep, after searching for over 10 years to discover what real love is, fame became a distant memory and I started becoming the best person I can be, honouring the gifts God gave me, whether I was famous or not. My new single ‘FAME’ is about the façade that fame is, how it leads to a dark road of addiction, pain and a lot of suffering.

This song was written when I was living in UK and was sober (and have been since 2011) finding my way back into the love of music and songwriting, I had to work on letting go of the control and fear and letting God take over, and this year he did…he took me to Damien Gerard studios in Gosford to produce an entire album with producer Andrew Beck in March 2023. It was such a nice surprise to have the opportunity to release FAME as my first single from my album, with Foghorn/MGM record label with an amazingly positive response!

Check at Natalie’s latest single here.