Managers, did you know that long hours and exposed electrical wires are not the only things you are legally responsible to protect your employees from? Psychosocial safety is just as, if not more important.

Psychosocial hazards in the workplace refer to factors that can impact the psychological well-being of employees. These hazards can arise from a range of workplace factors such as the work environment, work organisation, job design, work demands, social relationships and leadership styles.

WorkCover Queensland has released a legally enforceable Code of Practice which provides employers and workers with guidance and examples on how to identify, assess and prevent harm from psychosocial hazards at work. 

Psychosocial hazards in the workplace can impact employee mental health, job satisfaction and productivity, and can lead to absenteeism, high staff turnover and increased health care costs. Therefore, it’s essential for organisations to identify and manage psychosocial hazards in the workplace to promote employee well-being and organisational success.

Download the code Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice 2022 (PDF).