Support Act now offers a consultative service for artist managers, line managers, team leaders and those with MHFA training (“managers”) who are providing support to music and arts workers in relation to their mental health and wellbeing.

The Manager Support Hotline provides managers with the opportunity to speak confidentially to a senior counsellor from the Wellbeing Helpline.

The reasons that music industry and arts industry managers may choose to contact the Hotline for support are complex and varied, however some common examples include:

  • Concern about a music or arts worker who is at potential risk of self-harm
  • Supporting a music or arts workers who is vulnerable or has a mental health condition
  • Having conversations about performance issues
  • Delivering difficult news to a music or arts worker
  • Dealing with organisational change processes
  • Supporting a music or arts worker impacted by grief and loss at work
  • Managing a traumatic event in the workplace
  • Dealing with conflict between music or arts workers
  • Managing allegations of workplace bullying and harassments.

A senior counsellor will discuss approaches and strategies to help you manage the issue, taking into account factors including:

  • The unique or specific context of the work environment
  • Steps already taken by the manager/team leader to address the issues
  • Duty of care to the music or arts worker and potential risks to the organisation
  • Best practice guidelines for managing the music or arts workers’ wellbeing
  • Common behavioural patterns based on current psychological evidence
  • The needs of both the organisation and the individual music or arts workers.

The aim is to empower you to maintain responsibility for the situation wherever possible. Often the Manager Support Hotline involves just one conversation however if needed, the counsellor will follow-up with you, and provide additional support. The Manager Support Hotline, like counselling, is a confidential service.

If the issue is not urgent, you can choose whether to speak with a counsellor on the day of calling the Hotline, or whether to make a pre-arranged appointment.

Manager support Hotline calls do NOT come out of your personal allocation of sessions, they are over and above these and can be used as often as needed to manage any difficult situation.

The Manager Hotline provides individual coaching to you as a manager/team leader. The Wellbeing Helpline provides counselling support to music or arts workers who are struggling with an aspect of their mental health or wellbeing. It can be contacted by calling #1800 959 500.

You may arrange a Manager Support Hotline consultation by calling 1800 959 500 (Option 4) or email