Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian live events industry experienced an immediate, and complete shutdown, and in the space of just 48 hours, our entire income and job list for the remainder of 2020 (and beyond) was cancelled, with no end in sight.

It was the first national industry to completely fall over due to the crisis, and it happened very, very quickly.

So whilst we have felt bitter disappointment, we found the emotion has very quickly morphed into a sense of sheer determination. We will fight hard, and somehow, make it work.

A suggestion came out of the darkness from a close friend over in Ireland, the legendary Steve Fox of Flying Elephant Productions. He reminded us that we have a CNC Router, and the people to use it. We have a large warehouse that is kitted out with state of the art carpentry machines, and we have a huge team of specialist and trusted tradespeople on hand. We also now have entire industries, having to work from home in Isolation.

So, we have decided to produce work-from-home desks, and other home products. As a nod to Stagekings, we’re going to call them The IsoKing desks.

Most importantly for us, we are hoping that this project will keep a number of our good crew off the street and back in work. We also think it’s an appropriate time to give back and share the love, so we’ll also be donating $10 from every order to Support Act – who are supporting workers in the Australian Event Industry who have been – and will continue to be – impacted by COVID-19.