Support Act has unveiled its inaugural Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry.

The Standards have been developed in consultation with representatives from the music industry and regulatory authorities in line with the actions proposed in the National Mental Health Commission’s National Workplace Initiative. They seek to encourage action to protect, respond, and promote the positive aspects of work that contribute to good mental health. 

This includes a commitment to provide workplaces that are psychologically safe, and which take proactive measures to address safety at work issues including bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, racism, ageism, homophobia and transphobia. 

The Standards complement the charity’s existing prevention, education and training initiatives, such as the Workplace Wellbeing Check-In program, Mental Health First Aid Training, Suicide Prevention Training, Active Bystander Training, and dedicated First Nations programming.

Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, explains:  “Our recent research clearly articulated the need for work environments that are safe for everyone’s mental and physical health, and this was strongly reinforced by last week’s release of the excellent Raising their Voices report. 

“As leaders in the mental health and workplace wellbeing space, it was the logical next step to produce a set of Minimum Standards that support our music business community in implementing standards that are becoming uniform across the Australian business landscape.

“These standards are voluntary and self-regulating, and recognise that creating mentally healthy workplaces takes time and requires ongoing attention and that different workplaces may have different needs depending on their size.

“We encourage everyone in our industry to show their commitment to making cultural change and to creating a sense of belonging for all in our industry, by signing up to the Standards now via our website.”

In addition to the Standards, the charity has also announced the launch of its updated training program next month – Access All Areas: Creating a safe and thriving music industry for all. The free, online program has been developed in partnership with Music Victoria to teach attendees practical strategies on how to identify and call out harmful behaviour in the workplace, specifically harassment, bullying, discrimination and sexual misconduct. 

To find out more about Support Act’s programs and Minimum Standards, visit or attend the panel at BIGSOUND at 3.15pm on Thursday 8 September in the Heritage Room.

For support, call the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline a free, confidential 24/7 counselling service available to anyone working in Australian music or the performing arts. It includes a dedicated First Nations Support Line, Sexual Health and Safety Support Line, LGBTQI+ Support Line, and Manager Support Hotline, all accessed by calling 1800 959 500.