To promote a safe and thriving music industry for all.

Music charity, Support Act, has today announced the pilot phase of its new Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program, designed to promote mental health awareness, psychological safety, positive cultural and behavioural change in the Australian music industry.

The 18-month program features a wealth of industry-specific, evidence-based training programs, designed and delivered in collaboration with industry leaders in the fields of mental health, behavioural change and organisational psychology.

It will assist participants to meet their legal obligations under the new Respect@Work legislation by taking proactive and meaningful action to prevent gender-based harassment, discrimination, bullying or victimisation from occurring in the workplace or in connection to work. 

In line with the charity’s First Nations Strategic Plan, the program will deliver culturally intelligent, respectful and trustworthy support to all First Nations peoples accessing it.

Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act explains, The Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program consolidates our training and resources into one program, with the aim of helping organisations of all sizes improve workplace health and safety.

“The program speaks to eight of the 17 recommendations of the Music Industry Review, and is a practical and quantifiable means of making real progress towards sustained cultural and behavioural change.

“With the new Creative Australia Bill passing parliament last week, including the new Creative Workplaces body to raise and set workplace standards, there’s never been a more important time for businesses to ensure their workplaces are mentally healthy.

“We’re excited by the initial response to the program, and look forward to making it available more widely over the coming months.”

The Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program is flexible and dynamic, designed to run over 18 months and split into six three month ‘chunks’. Each chunk includes a Hero Offering workshop and quarterly perks including a dedicated wellbeing EDM, Digital Brunch Bootcamp and team Support Session.

Anyone who is not part of the trial can participate in the charity’s public access training programs including Access All Areas: Active Bystander Training, Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention Training, all available to access via the Support Act website.

As a first step, businesses are also encouraged to sign up to the charity’s Minimum Standards for a Mentally Healthy Music Industry, which seek to encourage action to protect, respond, and promote the positive aspects of work that contribute to good mental health.  

For further information about Support Act and to register for the next stage of the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Program, visit