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The power of music is something we all feel. So many events in life need a soundtrack: a long road trip, a first dance at a wedding, a carefully chosen piece to mark a loved one’s passing.
Music makes memories.

And yet, as a professional, a career in music can be uncertain and risky. Even the most talented find themselves unable to work when illness, injury or some other problem strikes. Without an income, a setback can quickly become a crisis.

This is where Support Act steps in. Support Act is a registered charity established by the music industry to provide a safety net for music professionals facing hardship.

If you are a music professional, Support Act is here to help, because your life is music.


Real People. Real Stories.

Whilst Support Act is a charity, we prefer to think that any
financial assistance we are able to give as a grant, awarded in acknowledgment of your contribution to Australian music.


Neill is a professional saxophonist. In late 2012 Neill lost his left arm to sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, leaving him unable to continue as a professional saxophone player. A close friend of Neill’s, refusing to give up on his friend and colleague, found a specialist overseas who builds instruments from scratch, in this case a one handed sax. Support Act contacted Neill to see how we could help and paid for the new saxophone.

Peter Black

Professional Musician

“The word ‘real value’ from an organisation like Support Act doesn’t even come close to it.”

Lilli Lovegrove


“For my whole life it was just him and I. It happened out of nowhere, his passing. Finance wasn’t something I was thinking about at all before then.”

Jim Conway

Professional Musician

“I’m very grateful for the assistance provided by Support Act.  It has improved my quality of life enormously and has given me the confidence to perform again.”


photo credit: Greg Weight



February 16


Daisy's South Australian Debonairs

If you are in Adelaide, come along to the monthly gathering of Daisy’s Debs. This is typically held on the third Wednesday of the month and each time sees a fantastic guest speaker and entertainment. Held 12 noon for a 12.30pm start @ the Norwood Function Centre, corner Osmond Terrace & the Parade. All welcome. STOP PRESS: FEBRUARY ONLY THIS WILL BE HELD TUESDAY 16 FEBRUARY
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April 18


Psychedelic Horrorshow

TAP Gallery, 259 Riley Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
A collective of 19 artists have banded together in a carnival sideshow to exhibit oddities and freakish fragments of feelings that will move your insides across mediums including oils, acrylics, inks, pastels, digitally enhanced and time-lapsed photography, graffiti, tattoo inspired and cartoon drawings, noise and vector art, and of course, the main attraction: Microsoft Paint doodlings.
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