In response to the recent announcement by NSW Arts Minister Ben Franklin of $5million in funding for Support Act, the music charity has today announced an extension to its COVID-19 Crisis Relief Grants program.

The new grants are available to anyone working professionally in music or live performing arts who are NSW permanent residents, have expenditure that exceeds their income, are not receiving any other NSW Government benefit and have not received a grant from Support Act in the past three months.

The grants being funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW are valued at $2,000 for individuals and $2,700 for families with dependent children, and will be available until the funding round is expended. 

Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, explains: “We are enormously grateful to Arts Minister, Ben Franklin, and the NSW Government for providing funding support at this critical time. 

“The past few months have been extremely difficult for all musicians, managers, crew and music workers due to the various impacts of the Omicron virus, and while the recent easing of restrictions is great news, the pandemic is not over yet. 

“These funds will ensure that those hardest hit in NSW will be able to access our COVID-19 Crisis Relief Grants to help pay the rent, put food on the table, pay urgent medical bills and stay connected with family and community.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Support Act has disbursed more than 15,000 Crisis Relief Grants to music and live performing arts workers valued at more than $35 million, thanks in large part to the financial support received from the Australian Government, plus the generous support of donors and sponsors. 

With the bulk of those funds now expended, Support Act is continuing to provide a very limited number of COVID-19 Crisis Relief Grants to music workers in other states at the lower level of $1,000 for individuals and $1,500 for families.

For further information and to apply for a COVID-19 Crisis Relief Grant, visit the Get Help page.